available capital
20M to €80M
targeted companies' turnover
6 to 8
planned transactions

A unique approach

Noe Industries was founded and financed by entrepreneurs and industrialists seeking to make available both their capital and expertise to businesses and their executives.

Finally, Noe Industries does not restrict the duration of its investments in a given business. These periods are determined on a case-by-case basis according to the time needed to implement requisite changes.


Confidence is the cornerstone of Noe Industries' approach, which aims to develop a management model balancing the interests of shareholders, clients, employees, and financial partners alike.


Noe Industries looks after companies that generally do not show up on traditional investors' radars due to their scale and situational complexity. They are French enterprises, primarily in the industrial sector, often family-owned, of medium size (up to €80M in revenue), and that face delicate situations, whether from a financial, legal, or shareholder perspective.


Noe Industries wishes to provide medium-sized businesses the kinds of tools and knowledge generally reserved for major companies, including supply chain and purchasing policy optimisation, continuous improvement of industrial efficiency through lean management, the establishment of profitability analysis tools, or even WC (working capital) optimisation.