Rekindling the competitiveness of French industrial jewels

Reindustrialising and preserving the web of French industries is truly a strategic challenge. Indeed, structural and contextual threats weigh heavily on many French companies.


From a contextual point of view, the ramifications of the health crisis have contributed to increasing risks: stoppages or downturns in several economic sectors, staggering hikes in energy costs, raw materials, and international transport, debts at times exacerbated by the establishment of state-guaranteed loans, or even the cessation of supportive measures (state partial unemployment support).


From a structural point of view, numerous French industrial sectors have become import-dependent. The country has also fallen significantly behind Germany and the United Kingdom in its number of mid-cap enterprises, with SMEs sometimes having trouble developing their activities. Finally, the taxation of family business transfers is a recurring cause for companies shutting down or being bought out.


This context has contributed to weakening many French industrial jewels. Noe Industries has decided to provide as much assistance as it can to a number of these organisations in adapting and restoring their competitiveness, through its financial holding company.